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What are the Hidden Challenges in the Fruit Hamper Business?

October 15, 2019

Fruit hamper businesses have several hidden challenges especially if we’re talking about the logistics. Fruits, wines, baskets and packaging come from several different suppliers. We also have to think about delivering to customers who often want it the same day. Aside from those logistical challenges, we also have to deal with quality control and assurance. After all, part of...

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The Role of Proper Transport in the Aquaculture Industry

August 13, 2019

The fisheries and aquaculture production in Australia is valued at more than $2 billion annually and exports of seafood products (especially to Vietnam, south-eastern China and other Asian locations) are valued at least $1.2 billion. Domestic seafood consumption is estimated to be at 15 kilograms per person each year. It’s true that efficient seafood production is a key to...

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3 Things That Could Go Wrong with Cakes

July 15, 2019

The cake is one of the highlights of events especially in weddings. One mistake and it can instantly ruin the event’s vibe and perhaps linger in the memory for the rest of your life. This is bad if you’re the celebrant and worse if you’re the business in charge of the cake. Just like the wedding itself, it’s crucial...

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How to Make Sure the Wedding Cake Arrives in One Piece

June 12, 2019

All eyes will be on the wedding cake and it’s important that it looks perfect. There should be zero noticeable damages because after all, the cake reflects the couple and the entire event. Also, it’s important that the cake is safe to consume. It’s the start of a new life by the new couple and we hate to have...

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How to Profit from the Australian Food Industry Trends

May 13, 2019

Trends come and go due to evolving demographics and customer preferences especially in the food sector (but proper food handling, transport and storage will always be a priority no matter what). As a result, the landscape has been always changing and entrepreneurs are trying to profit from those changes (whether starting a new business or changing the menus to...

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Here are a Few Tips on Storing Food Safely

April 11, 2019

Time and temperature have huge roles in preventing and accelerating food spoilage. It’s due to the microorganisms that reproduce and release toxins that lead to food borne illnesses. It’s true that anything can happen if you just give it enough time especially when it comes to food spoilage and poisoning. To minimise the risk of dangerous microorganisms or toxins,...

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Ensuring Food Safety in Temporary and Mobile Food Premises

February 13, 2019

Food businesses that use temporary and mobile food premises have similar requirements and standards as that of restaurants, office canteens, cafes, eateries and other establishments. After all, there’s always the concern about ensuring food safety for the health of their customers. The risks of food poisoning or contamination are always there especially for businesses handling kebabs, salads and other...

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3 Tips to Make Your Home-Based Food Business a Success

January 15, 2019

Whether it’s for extra income or the start of something much bigger, you want your home-based food business to be successful and profitable. You also want the foods you sell to be safe for everyone (especially if you’re preparing foods for school canteens). Here let’s quickly discuss how to make your home-based food business a successful one. Perhaps this...

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How Important is Temperature Control in Preventing Food Poisoning

December 11, 2018

The storage and display of certain foods at inadequate temperatures (especially for extended periods) can result to foodborne illnesses. After all, inadequate temperatures can result to rapid and sustained growth of bacteria that causes food poisoning. A common practice is to keep cold food at temperatures 5℃ and below. For foods that are intended to be frozen, they should...

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How to Minimise Losses in Vegetable Deliveries

November 13, 2018

Perhaps the harvest was good and the pests were dealt with early on. Before the delivery almost everything was taken care of already. Vegetable farming, harvest and delivery is indeed a dynamic industry. It’s estimated that the annual vegetable production in Australia is valued at more than 2 billion dollars. Expect that to grow further due to rising population...

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