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About the Dietary Habits and Behaviour of Australians

March 17, 2022

Knowing and understanding the dietary habits and behaviour of your target customers can give you a competitive advantage because you can align your products and marketing accordingly. It’s also a great way for your customers to form favourable and meaningful associations with your business and brand.

For example, if your marketing emphasises eating together and having fun (whether with family or with co-workers), that positive emotion also transfers or becomes associated with your brand. In other words, your product and business have become a part or facilitator for their fun moments. As a result, they will feel good about your business and there’s more chance for them to become repeat customers.

How the pandemic changed our eating behaviour and attitude

It’s especially the case now and in recent years because of the pandemic. People were required to stay home and as a consequence, they now have more time and opportunities to eat with their families. Although we’re now going back to normal and with minimal restrictions, still, many Australians choose to stay home and work from home (and share more meal times with family as a result).

About eating healthy

Aside from eating together, there’s also that heightened awareness on eating healthy as well as ensuring that the ingredients are natural and responsibly sourced. As a result, businesses that can prepare healthy and delicious meals have a competitive advantage as more customers will support them.

Online food delivery and takeaway services have flourished in recent years. In addition, the pandemic has somehow helped reinvigorate the interests in home cooking and experimentation. People want to try new things and showcase their creations through social media. For food businesses, what this means is customers will be looking for a variety of ingredients and for international flavours. As a business owner, perhaps it’s time for you to provide what customers are looking for.

Here at Cooltrans, we help customers get what they require through our refrigerated transport services. We support businesses and supermarkets by helping them get many of the food supplies that their customers are looking for (e.g. meat, dairy, seafood). Contact us today for more information about our services and approach.