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Safe Transport of Organic Produce 

December 21, 2022

It’s estimated that more than half of Australian households now buy organic food (either frequently or occasionally). Also, consumer demand for organic food is growing at 20 to 30 per cent per year. 

In other words, for the coming years there will be more demand for organic produce and food products. In addition, each Australian household that’s already buying organic food might buy more and make their diet mostly organic. 

Consumer demand for organic food might also increase further because the supply chain for it is now getting more established and more companies are investing in the production of organic food. With the increased supply or availability, there’s a tendency for the price to decrease and make the products more affordable. 

About the safe transport of organic food 

As mentioned earlier, the supply chain for organic food is now getting more established as more and more players come into the scene. Some of those important players are in the handling and transport industries. 

Those industries have to apply high standards in the safe transport of organic food products. It’s especially the case when we’re talking about the short shelf life of those products (because they have less additives). As a result, the transport should always be fast and timely. 

In addition, tight temperature control is critical. To accomplish this, transport companies use multiple sensors to precisely monitor the temperature levels inside refrigerated vans and trucks. This precise and constant monitoring is critical in helping ensure that the food products are not exposed to unsafe temperature levels. 

Outside of safe temperature levels, microbial growth is a lot faster and the microbes can produce biotoxins and other substances. These can affect the aesthetics and taste of the food products. More importantly, microbial growth and spoilage can make the products unsafe and unacceptable. This is especially the case with dairy foods and meat and meat products. 

Here at Cooltrans, we ensure tight temperature control in our refrigerated transport service. We always ensure precise monitoring to help maintain the integrity of the organic food products. We’ve been meeting strict requirements about food safety and proper handling and transport of food products for decades.