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Small Scale Refrigerated Deliveries for Small Businesses

August 15, 2017

Small scale refrigerated deliveries are actually the lifeblood of many businesses in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. These small businesses often rely on timely and yet affordable transport of the goods they sell to customers.

It’s true that economies of scale are always at work in any business. That’s why huge corporations often enjoy huge discounts. They can demand deliveries at affordable rates because of their strong relationship with the logistics company. Small businesses don’t have those advantages.

Should you buy and operate your own refrigerated van?

To save on costs (and to ensure reliability), some small business owners purchase and operate their own refrigerated vans. However, this might actually be a more costly option. That’s because you need to purchase the vehicle, hire a new driver, follow maintenance program and ensure tight temperature control.

In addition, you need to comply with health and safety regulations. There will be some paperwork needed. You also need to keep up to date to new policies. Moreover, it’s likely you won’t be using the refrigerated van on a daily basis. There will always be those idle times.

A practical way for small businesses to save money is to use a refrigerated van only when it’s needed (the just-in-case approach). For instance, many Sydney small businesses request us here at COOLTRANS to take care of small scale chilled deliveries. They only contact us when they need our service.

Importance of tight temperature control

Aside from saving on costs, another important consideration is storing the goods within a safe temperature range. For instance, chilled goods might need a temperature range close to 8 degrees Celsius. If there’s a huge deviation (even for just a short time), you risk spoilage and damage to your goods.

That’s why many small businesses only rely on a reputable company when it comes to this crucial task. Yes, there will be minimal loss if it’s only about small deliveries. But it’s all about meeting the customer demand. If the business received defective goods due to temperature deviations, this might lead to loss of loyal customers. They might move to your competitor if you don’t have enough supplies to meet their demand.

Small scale refrigerated deliveries Sydney

Whether it’s a small local business or a huge multinational corporation, reliability and temperature control are the priorities. Both these types of businesses also need to save on costs. It’s easy for huge corporations because of economies of scale.

Good news is, even small businesses can receive affordable refrigerated transport services. With our efficient system here at COOLTRANS, many small businesses in Sydney have already saved a lot on costs.

Contact us today for your small scale refrigerated delivery needs. We’ve already handled single carton delivery and one-off consignment for small businesses.