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Refrigerated Vans: Challenges for Small Businesses

June 14, 2017

Refrigerated vans help small businesses satisfy their customers’ demands. Whether it’s one or 8 palette, small businesses rely on those timely deliveries for them to successfully serve their customers.

It’s a massive opportunity for growth. Customers now demand a wide variety of foods and flavours. Smaller food companies should meet that demand. That’s where refrigerated vans and timely deliveries can help.

Logistics and costs

One challenge is about schedules. Meeting the time frames can be stressful. In many small businesses, goods and raw materials often come from a wide variety of sources. This presents many logistical and cost challenges.

For example, food and food products require a certain temperature range for storage. The vans and containers should keep the products from spoilage. This is why tight temperature control and deliveries are important.

About the costs, small businesses often opt to bulk deliveries to save on charges. However, storage and possible expiration can be a problem. That’s why they resort to smaller deliveries (but incurring higher charges).

From point A to point B

All deliveries are based from this simple concept. From the origin, the perishable goods should arrive at the destination in an economical, timely and safe manner.

A reputable refrigerated transport company can help ensure timely and safe deliveries through GPS tracking. This technology provides real-time updates about the location of the vans and fleet. This is valuable in meeting time-critical schedules.

The refrigerated transport company should also help you save costs. If the company has been operating for decades, it’s likely they are applying efficient practices (which results to savings). Those savings can then be passed on to the customers and small businesses.

Refrigerated vans Greater Sydney

Small businesses encounter unique challenges compared to large corporations. A small one-off consignment can have a huge effect on small businesses if the deliveries fail.

Here at COOLTRANS, we understand the needs of small businesses. We prioritise timely deliveries and ensure tight temperature control. We also use GPS tracking to help ensure meeting time-critical schedules.

Send us your enquiries today. We look forward to assisting you with your refrigerated delivery requirements.