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Shipping Temperature Control Items for Your Small Business

October 16, 2017

Shipping temperature control items is a serious business especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Goods from these industries are at higher risk to spoilage or damage. That’s why small businesses need to choose a reliable company and service for the job.

How does refrigerated transport work?

First, let’s discuss how it all works. This way, you’ll know how to choose a refrigerated delivery service for your business. You’ll also learn the important things about transporting and shipping critical goods.

When your supplier transports and delivers the goods you ordered, it could be one of two ways. It’s either there’s a separate and dedicated compartment or the inside of the vehicle has a cooling system (the goods are only packed).

Both methods are usually powered by the vehicle engine itself. Whichever is the case, the temperature should be maintained all throughout the travel period. Even when the vehicle’s idle or parked, the temperature should always be maintained. This is possible if there’s a reliable electrical source or backup for the cooling system to operate continuously.

Whether the company uses vans or trucks, it’s recommended to check the reliability of their cooling compartment. It’s also advisable to ask about how they monitor the shipment and delivery.

Real-time monitoring and proper handling

Delays can ruin small businesses. One delay can mean immediate loss of customers. Also, it’s just stressful to experience delays caused by untimely deliveries.

That’s why here at COOLTRANS, we allow our customers to track their shipments real time. They can better plan about the receiving of the goods. They have access to a user-friendly that allows them to track their bookings, pricing and other critical information.

Aside from delicate temperature control and real-time monitoring, properly handling shipments is also essential. Mishandled goods and packages could result to physical and aesthetic damages (which can make the product far from presentable). The fleet should always be in top condition to somehow prevent this scenario. In addition, a well-maintained fleet can help ensure timely deliveries (minimal delays and interruptions to transport).

Shipping temperature control items Sydney

Here at COOLTRANS, we always make sure that our vans and trucks (1-pallet vans up to 8-pallet trucks) are in top condition. Our vehicles are always ready to take on urgent deliveries. To give you peace of mind, you can also monitor the progress real time. To ensure 100% reliability and accuracy in temperature control, we perform regular maintenance checks on our vehicles and compartments.

Contact us today and we’ll deliver any-sized load anywhere within metropolitan and outer-metropolitan Sydney.