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Need a Reliable Temperature Controlled Courier Service?

September 12, 2017

A reliable temperature controlled courier service is crucial to many companies (both small businesses and multinational corporations). This is true especially in industries such as food, beverage and pharmaceuticals. Whether it’s a single carton or an 8-pallet load, the temperature should be maintained at all costs during transportation and delivery.

The effect of temperature on perishable goods

Why do you put stuff in your refrigerator? Number one reason is to prevent spoilage of food. The lower temperature can prevent bacteria from multiplying fast. As a result, your food will last longer or remain edible.

This is especially important in the food industry. Foods such as fruits, vegetables and meat are great thriving habitats for bacteria and other microorganisms. They can multiply fast (they can double their number in as fast as 20 minutes) because all the organic material they need are in their immediate environment.

There will be visible or noticeable signs in many cases. For example, many food products might have a nasty odour when there’s spoilage. This can compromise the whole shipment. It’s very likely that the shipment was mishandled during transportation.

But if the temperature is delicately controlled, the goods will remain in good condition even if delivery and transportation lasted up to 48 hours. The food items will remain safe for the public to consume (as long as the distribution is also safe and sanitary).

Aside from temperature, these are also important

Large temperature deviations can immediately compromise certain products. For instance, many pharmaceutical products require sensitive temperature control. In addition, these products are also vulnerable to bacteria and other microorganisms.

Aside from temperature deviations, time and reliability are also crucial. Many deliveries and shipments might still get compromised if there are delays. The risk of spoilage and damage gets higher. In addition, many businesses rely on timely shipments so they can continuously serve their customers.

That’s why you also need to prioritise timeliness and reliability. The refrigerated transport company should be able to track their shipments to help ensure they will reach the destination on time.

Temperature controlled courier service Sydney

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