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How to Transport Fresh Fruits & Minimise Financial Loss

February 11, 2018

How to transport fresh fruits? The most important factors are tight temperature control, appropriate packaging and timely delivery. This is to prevent financial losses due to delays and mishandling.

How temperature affects fruits?

Apples, apricots, cherries, pears and other fruits may be affected even by slight and temporary changes in temperature. For instance, a rise in temperature during delivery might affect the flesh firmness of apples. It could be due to chemical reactions (heat might catalyse the reaction) or the packaging itself gathered moisture which in turn affected the apples.

It’s especially the case when the fruits take hours before they arrive in their destination. The temperature deviation during long hours of travel might make the delivery compromised. In addition, this is a sign that the goods were mishandled. There might be other processes in the supply chain (such as packing) that don’t adhere to standards.

Packaging has a huge effect on product quality

It’s true that an attractive packaging may raise our perception about a product’s quality. When the boxes are clean and perfect when we receive the fruits, it gives us peace of mind about the delivery’s integrity.

However, packaging goes beyond that. That’s because it may also physically or chemically affect the goods inside. For example, cold temperatures might make the carton boxes accumulate water and moisture. The resulting water might get trapped inside the boxes (and compromise either the carton or get the fruits soaked).

Take note that the fruits might get soaked or submerged in water for hours before the store or supermarket displays the goods for sale. By the time they’re ready, the consumers might be the first to notice the spoilage.

Timely delivery for meeting supply with demand

Aside from tight temperature control and appropriate packaging, timely delivery is also crucial to prevent financial losses. After all, delays could spell loss of sales and customers for a business.

Apart from preventing delays, a timely delivery also aids in maintaining product quality. That’s because the longer the transport time, the more likely it is for mishandling to occur. In addition, a delay is often a result of many errors or inefficiencies in delivery. When there’s a delay, it’s also possible that there are additional costs or the goods have incurred damages along the way.

How to transport fresh fruits

That’s why here at COOLTRANS, we prioritise the following:

  • Timely delivery (with internet tracking)
  • Appropriate packaging (and use of well-maintained vehicles)
  • Tight temperature control

This way, your fruits and other goods are sure to arrive with success. Since 1997, we’ve been providing reliable refrigerated transport services for Sydney businesses.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your refrigerated delivery requirements. We handle single carton deliveries, 8-pallet loads and everything in between.