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How to Ship Perishable Food for Holidays & Special Occasions

January 14, 2018

How to ship perishable food? This is a huge challenge for both small businesses and multinational corporations. After all, spoilage can result to both financial losses and negative reputation.

To ensure successful shipping and transport, all the goods should arrive timely while being strictly maintained within the ideal temperatures. For instance, even a temporary 2℃ increase during transport can result to significant microbial growth and spoilage (which compromises the whole shipment).

Other important factors

Aside from timeliness and strict temperature control, it’s also good to consider other things such as:

  • Ability of refrigerated delivery company to quickly handle small assignments (e.g. single carton delivery)
  • GPS monitoring to help ensure arrival on time
  • Careful handling of packages (snug packing and careful handling of glass containers where foods are stored)

Some other companies place lower priority on small assignments. Good news is here at COOLTRANS, we also prioritise speed even on single carton deliveries. We have an efficient logistics system that allows us to meet time-critical schedules whether for single cartons or 8-pallet loads.

GPS monitoring is also important so that both you and the company can track the shipment. In case of emergencies, a backup fleet may be required to pick up the goods. This will also give you peace of mind that your goods will arrive just in time so that you can sell them to your customers.

Careful handling of the packages often is equally important to timely delivery and tight temperature control. Mishandling, tilting and impacts may compromise food products. In addition, mishandling is also a sign of other bigger problems (how you do anything is how you do everything).

How to ship perishable food for holidays and special occasions

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a regular day in your business, a reliable refrigerated transport service is a must. This way, you’ll continuously meet customer expectations and steadily grow your business.

Here at COOLTRANS, we’ve been accomplishing that since 1997. Our timely and reliable refrigerated delivery service has already benefited hundreds of small business and huge companies in Sydney and Australia.

Contact us today and tell us about your goods and requirements. We handle both small and huge requests.