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How to Reduce Costs in Your Catering Business

August 13, 2018

No matter what business you’re in all the cost reduction measures all boil down to this: Minimising waste. Whether it’s timely refrigerated delivery, purchasing only the required supplies or eliminating unnecessary processes, it’s still all about minimising waste.

For instance, huge financial losses result from untimely and improper refrigerated deliveries. Even temporary temperature deviations could encourage spoilage due to increased microbial and enzymatic activities in fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. And of course any initial delays in the delivery would affect all later processes in your catering business.

Unpredictability in the catering business

There are huge differences between the peaks and downtimes in the catering business. There’s almost zero activity when there are customers. But when customers start calling, suddenly it becomes a chaos and you have to think all about the supplies you need to make it all happen. And yes, many customers have urgent requests and these requests often come in a wide variety of portion sizes and menus.

To address all those challenges, catering business owners and managers learned to stay lean and flexible. They only purchase the supplies that will be used immediately (similar to just-in-time or JIT production in the manufacturing industry). However, this approach could also be a serious bottleneck in the whole operation. Any delay in the arrival of the needed supplies and ingredients would affect everything downstream (e.g. delays in the preparation of the meals and their transport to the event venue).

That’s why it’s crucial to ensure prompt deliveries and arrival of all your needed supplies and ingredients. It’s especially the case in refrigerated, chilled and frozen goods. You have to prepare them first (thawing, initial heating and other preparations) before they could be used for cooking. Also, you have to inspect them first to ensure quality and tight temperature control was strictly implemented.

Reduce costs in your catering business

What happens when the fruits, vegetables, meat and/or seafood are spoiled or compromised during the transport? This could mean huge financial losses to your business. Dozens of kilograms of goods will be wasted and thrown away. In addition, it makes you question the integrity and quality of the rest of the products you received.

That’s why here at COOLTRANS we always prioritise tight temperature control and timely deliveries. Since 1997 we’ve been leading the way when it comes to door-to-door and urgent refrigerated delivery. Contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements. We handle both small and huge delivery assignments.