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Is There a Way to Ensure Food Safety During Transportation?

July 10, 2018

Food spoilage during transportation costs businesses millions of dollars each year. This is due to mishandling, delivery delays and improper temperature control. Rising temperatures (even slight deviations in a short time) can accelerate microbial and enzymatic actions that cause food spoilage.

Have you heard the saying “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch”? Scientifically it’s true because overripe apples tend to accelerate the same event to other apples (and possibly other fruits). Also, moulds and other microbes in overripe fruits and spoiled foods will find other food sources nearby. As a result, the whole bunch will indeed be ruined because of a small compromise during the delivery.

Health concerns about food safety

Aside from financial losses (spoiled food can’t be sold anymore), there’s a more important concern about health and food safety. Microbes can quickly thrive in environments above 5℃. They will eat the food and produce chemicals and wastes that further degrade it. In addition, if there was no tight temperature control, it makes you question the whole delivery and supply chain. Perhaps there were other ways the food was mishandled before it reached you.

All these mistakes could result to the food being compromised or unfit for consumption. It’s not the same product at all because of the physical and biochemical changes that occurred. This means lost income for your business and possibly lost customers as well. Customers always have other options when it comes to buying foods and other products. They will often choose companies that guarantee safety instead of products that are cheaper but of lower quality.

How to ensure food safety during transportation

There are unique challenges in delivering edible items with very limited shelf lives. As mentioned, tight temperature control is crucial to slow down microbial and enzymatic actions. Moreover, there are time constraints that make food deliveries even more challenging. Many edible items are fast moving consumer goods. Any delay means lost revenues for the business (nothing can be sold to the customer in time).

We successfully address those challenges here in COOLTRANS. We maintain tight temperature control and ensure prompt deliveries. We keep our refrigerated vans and trucks in top condition for each deployment. This way, deliveries will arrive on time and you can be sure that they’re maintained in the right temperatures.

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