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Why You Should Choose COOLTRANS

February 23, 2016

We at COOLTRANS are members of a company that works in and around the Greater Sydney area to provide refrigerated transport, couriers, and air freight services. We do this by operating a fleet of refrigerated transport vehicles; these are GPS tracked to maintain on-time delivery through strict and efficient scheduling.

What Is Refrigerated Transport?

Refrigeration has been an essential component in keeping our food safe and edible for a long time now. Most people are familiar with this through personal home refrigerators. But when a company needs a large number of their chilled or frozen products moved from one place to another at a large scale, they need refrigerated transport vehicles. These specially designed vehicles can be set to keep whatever product they are shipping at its perfect cool or frozen temperature. This doesn’t just include food and drink items though, these refrigerated transports can also carry medicine, lab chemicals, or pretty much anything that needs to stay cool or frozen.

What Are Refrigerated Couriers?

Refrigerated couriers use the same specialised refrigeration vehicles to deliver whatever product you need, directly to you. This is an express service for when things need to be delivered in a timely and safe manner. This could include things such as a home delivery of medicine, a last minute vaccine for a hospital, a daily meal plan, and much more.

What Is Air Freight Service?

Much like the refrigerated transports, these planes move a variety of different products that need to stay chilled on their trip. This service allows for next day interstate deliveries to major capital cities. With Boeing expecting a worldwide increase of “…more than half during the next 20 years as demand for air cargo services more than doubles,” air freight services will be more and more common in the years to come. (We don’t deal with Boeing, has QANTAS made any similar claims?)

So Why Should You Choose COOLTRANS?

You should choose us simply because we are the premier company for each of these services in the Greater Sydney area. With a fleet of vehicles all registered with NSW Food Safe, we are capable of moving any amount of cargo for your refrigerated transport needs. Our Air Freight service is able to deliver whatever you need the very next day. If that isn’t enough for you, then our excellent service, reliability, and friendly attitude will surely keep you coming back time and again.