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Why is the Cold Chain Important? 

January 26, 2023

The cold chain is important in protecting perishable products throughout the supply chain (from production, processing, transport and distribution). Here, temperature should be strictly regulated to protect products from discolouration, degradation and spoilage. 

Why is the cold chain important? 

Cold chain is important in maintaining the following: 

  • Product quality 
  • Product safety (safe for consumption or other uses) 
  • Business profitability (minimise financial losses due to product spoilage or damage) 

In fact, those are interdependent. For example, ensuring product quality can help boost business profitability because more customers will buy the product. Safety is also related with product safety and profitability because customers will gain peace of mind (and this will also enhance the business’ reputation). 

Whether in storage or transport of food products especially meat, dairy and seafood, temperature control or regulation is always critical. Outside of the safe temperature range, microbes can grow and multiply fast. These organisms can produce toxins that will harm human health. Or, these microbes can affect the appearance, odour and taste of the food products. Aside from potentially harming consumers, microbes and unchecked temperatures can result in huge financial losses or even a major disruption in the supply chain. 

This highlights how important tight temperature control is (both in storage and transport). During transport, food products are also actually stored where the difference is just that the products are moving towards a destination. This movement can last for hours or days depending on the distance between the destination and origin. As a result, it’s also important to ensure tight temperature control during transport. 

That’s what we do here at Cooltrans. We always ensure tight temperature control and timely delivery (through our modern fleet, cooling and cold transport systems). This is our way of making sure that food products are safe to consume for the general customers. It’s also our way of helping businesses stay profitable in these uncertain times.