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Why is On-Time Delivery Important in Logistics? 

June 23, 2023

In logistics and supply chain management, on-time delivery prevents or reduces waste and financial losses. It’s especially the case with the delivery of food products (e.g. seafood, meat, dairy) where spoilage is always a threat. If not delivered on time, these products can get compromised in terms of quality and safety. 

On-time refrigerated delivery 

As mentioned earlier, on-time delivery prevents food waste. This is critical because food waste actually costs the Australian economy billions of dollars each year. One reason for that food waste is delayed deliveries where food products undergo spoilage (or a negative change in quality and appearance). That’s because delays give more time and chances for microbes to survive and thrive. 

Even in refrigerated deliveries where there’s tight temperature control, timely deliveries are still essential. After all, in all kinds of deliveries, the time between the dispatch and receiving should be as short as possible. The more time passes, the more things can happen (and usually against the quality and safety of the food products). Also, timely deliveries can help the receiving businesses promptly match supply with demand. For instance, when there’s an upcoming holiday and there’s a demand surge on meat and seafood, a timely delivery of those products can help supermarkets fulfil customer demand (i.e. products are certainly available on the shelves and freezers). 

What on-time deliveries mean to business operations 

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” This is especially true in business where a single incident of negligence also usually appears in other areas. For example, if deliveries are always delayed or products are always unavailable, expect several other problems in the different areas of the business. It can mean that the entire business operation is inefficient or the entire organisation doesn’t prioritise operational excellence. 

But if on-time deliveries are the norm, it can mean that the entire organisation is committed to efficiency and total customer satisfaction. This can mean that each business operation is highly efficient and optimised. As a result, you can count on that business, not just on on-time deliveries, but also on meeting your requirements and expectations. 

That’s why here at Cooltrans, we always practice on-time deliveries. We’re always able to accomplish this because we prioritise efficiency and high standards. For example, our vehicles and refrigerated equipment undergo regular maintenance to help ensure tight temperature control and perfect function while on the road. Businesses always count on us because our entire business operation is geared towards timely deliveries and tight temperature control.