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What’s the Best Way to Market Your Gift Basket Business?

December 16, 2019

Your products should do all the talking. After all there’s Instagram and Facebook where your products will be showcased to your target customers. Also, customers will surely take photos of the gift baskets. Each photo should be an opportunity to spread the word about your products and business.

How to market your gift basket business

Gift baskets are always in the market because special occasions never run out. Almost each month or even each week there’s always something happening whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas. People also send and receive gift baskets in times of illness, work appreciation and even in an ordinary day as a way of giving thanks.

However, there’s the competition to worry about. Because of the huge potential of this kind of business plus more and more people becoming entrepreneurs, the playing field is getting crowded and it’s literally survival of the fittest. Although there’s plenty for everyone, a few players dominate and they take the biggest slice of the pie.

To stand out and thrive, people in the gift basket industry get sleepless nights and every moment they think of getting an edge. They think of cutting the costs and sourcing from more affordable suppliers. They also think of getting the service a lot better through better deliveries and customer response. Some though think of compromising quality which can actually harm the business (and lose more customers instead of gaining new ones).

It’s crucial to make quality and appearance your priority because it’s the lifeblood of your business. Tactics might work in the short term but if you want to stay in this business for years and decades to come (plus leave a fine legacy about your business), it’s important to make sure your products speak of high quality and high standards.

For instance, a single flaw in just one of the fruits in the gift basket can instantly ruin your image. Social media reviews can spread the word really fast. Whether it’s because of improper handling and delivery (ideal temperature range was not observed during delivery and storage, or the fruits were exposed to sunlight or freezing temperatures for too long), one bad apple will indeed ruin the bunch.

Tight temperature control plus sanitary conditions are a must because this is a food business. People will surely look or even inspect the gift basket before consuming anything from it. It’s a detail-heavy business which is why only the strong can endure the demands of preparing and selling gift baskets as well as other details such as refrigeration and delivery.

Here at COOLTRANS we can somehow help with that through our refrigerated delivery service. We ensure tight temperature control, sanitary conditions and prompt deliveries. Since 1997, different kinds of businesses from various industries rely on us when it comes to refrigerated delivery. Contact us today and tell us about your requirements.