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What is the Economic Impact of Food Waste in Australia? 

May 22, 2023

Due to food waste, the Australian economy loses more than 36 billion dollars each year. Fifty per cent of this is due to household food waste ($2,000 to $2,500 per year). 

Aside from those huge financial losses, food waste also puts a strain on waste processing and landfills. After all, landfills and waste processing also require money to run and maintain. With more food waste means more expenses downstream. 

Economic impact of food waste 

Aside from households, food waste also comes from the commercial and industrial sectors. Whether it’s through harvesting, processing, storing and handling, every step of the supply chain can result in significant waste. 

One reason for that waste is improper storage and handling. This can introduce contamination to the food products and result in food spoilage. When bacteria and other microbes come into contact with the food products, those microbes can multiply and produce biotoxins. Those biotoxins can be harmful for us humans. 

When it comes to improper storage and handling, another risk comes from lack of temperature control. For example, when meat, seafood and dairy products are stored and transported in “unsafe” temperature levels, this can encourage the fast reproduction of bacteria. This can affect not just the appearance and taste of the products, but also their safety for consumption. 

Ensuring tight temperature control 

Tight temperature control during storage and transport can be a challenge. It’s essential that the refrigerated containers, vans and equipment are specifically designed for the job. It’s also essential that there are appropriate quality checks to ensure tight temperature control is indeed maintained. 

For example, here at Cooltrans we always use detailed quality checks before, during and after each consignment. We always make sure that temperature levels are maintained throughout the transport time. We also have our vehicles and refrigeration equipment undergo timely maintenance. Aside from helping ensure tight temperature control, this timely maintenance also helps with prompt and reliable deliveries (no delays). 

You can contact us here at Cooltrans if you’re looking for a refrigerated freight service. Whether it’s a single carton delivery or an 8-pallet load, we have the equipment and capabilities to get the job done.