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What Happens Before and During Refrigerated Transport?

December 7, 2020

Because it’s a sensitive business, refrigerated transport should be done carefully and meticulously. Even a small mistake or negligence can result in huge financial losses. More importantly, it can result in spoilage and health issues (especially if we’re transporting food products, vaccines and pharmaceuticals).

What happens before and during refrigerated transport

It starts with the requirements about temperature control, packaging and shipping time. Even with perfect temperature control, it’s still crucial to make the deliveries as quick and efficient as possible. This is important in matching supply with demand (e.g. avoid missing opportunities because goods are not yet available). It’s also important for minimising the potential failure points (the longer the delivery time, the more mistakes or accidents can happen).

When it comes to preventing mistakes and mishandling, it’s important to be detailed in packaging and loading. The contents should be adequately protected from outside elements to prevent contamination and direct physical contact. These should be loaded carefully and with adequate spacing for airflow between the boxes and containers. Spacers and restraints are also common to prevent movement and impact while the truck or van is moving.

What about tight temperature control? Different products require different temperature levels for transport and storage. Also, there are products that are sensitive to heat and freezing. For example, vaccines for influenza, cholera and measles can be highly sensitive to heat. On the other hand, vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B can be sensitive to freezing (never expose them to zero or subzero temperatures).

Those are just some of the things that happen (and some of the important considerations) when doing refrigerated deliveries. It’s actually a long checklist for companies focused in this field. After all, the transport and storage aspect of the products can be as important as their production when it comes to their quality, safety and integrity.

Here at Cooltrans we handle refrigerated deliveries with extreme care. Since 1997 we’ve been transporting delicate goods with highly specific requirements. This way, all the goods will arrive with unquestionable quality and safety.