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Use a Refrigerated Courier to Send the Perfect Gift

August 18, 2016

If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss in the store looking for the perfect present, you might think you have limited options. There are only so many stores in the mall, and only so many options that you can wrap and surprise someone with. This year, instead of just giving up and buying them a gift card to stick in a last-minute card you bought on the morning of the big day, surprise them with a unique thought. Use a refrigerated courier to send a unique and thoughtful gift that they would never have expected.

  • Forward some Fresh Flowers

The problem with sending flowers is that you can never truly be certain that the delivery goes well. The flowers might not be fresh, or the delivery might be late, causing the bloom to fall off the rose, literally and figuratively. Try using a refrigerated freight service to send fresh flowers that stay cool. It ensures your bouquet will arrive as fresh as the field from which they were cut. It’s a sentiment that goes beyond picking something up from the local florist. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

  • Offer an Edible

If you fancy yourself a bit of a gourmand, you might be inclined to offer someone a gift of fresh food. Receiving a gift of meats is a good way to send a manly gift that’s both thoughtful and practical. Be sure that your gift will be fresh by using a refrigerated courier, and you could be invited to the barbecue that grills those meats.

  • Send a Sculpture

If you or maybe someone you know has a chainsaw, try carving something from a big block of ice. An ice sculpture is a gift that nobody would think to received but everybody is certain to remember. Make a splash this year with the gift that won’t splash. A refrigerated transport service can get your ice sculpture to its destination without losing a drip. Your gift will have meaning and value long after the hard work has melted away.

Putting in the extra effort to send something cold and fresh usually goes the extra distance for a gift. It’s an exceptional present that will become the benchmark for years to come. Refrigerated transport can always deliver on its promise to get your delivery there chilled and preserved.

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