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Trends in Food Service Industry 2022

October 13, 2021

For the year 2022 and beyond, expect higher standards on hygiene and food safety. In addition, expect high levels of uncertainty and slow growth to remain. With those trends, it’s then crucial to strive and keep a lean operation to save on costs and stay profitable.

Trends in food service industry 2022

Another trend, which has gained a lot of traction because of COVID-19, is the rise of food takeaway and delivery service (and also at-home meal kits). The onsite dining experience has suffered and it’s still uncertain whether the capacity will go back to what it was in 2019. Lockdowns and business restrictions will come and go as we deal with the coronavirus.

Related to the rise of food delivery and takeaway service, we also see the further adoption of dark kitchens (also called cloud or ghost kitchen). The site is only for food preparation (no tables, chairs, waitstaff – just the kitchen). This allows for space and cost savings where every square metre of the site is put to good use (not much idle space).

Earlier we mentioned the need for higher standards on hygiene and food safety. With the strict protocols and the heightened consumer awareness, the owners and managers of food service businesses should pay close attention to new regulations about food safety. This is usually about minimising the risk of contamination during food production, handling, transport and distribution.

One way to accomplish that is through timely delivery of food products. It’s especially the case with meat, dairy and seafood products. It’s crucial that they’re being stored and transported under the strictest protocols (including tight temperature control). This way, contamination and spoilage will be minimised or totally prevented (and avoid financial losses and lead to higher profitability).

Here at Cooltrans, we contribute to ensuring food safety through our refrigerated delivery services (with tight temperature control and real-time tracking of consignments). We also regularly clean and maintain all our vehicles and containers to ensure high safety and hygiene levels. Contact us today for your refrigerated delivery requirements.