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Transporting Frozen Food: 3 Essentials for Successful Delivery

April 17, 2017

Transporting frozen food and chilled goods is often a critical part of many businesses (especially in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries). Temperature-controlled delivery is a sensitive business wherein many other companies continue to rely on.

This is the case especially in the food industry. Transportation of perishable goods requires certain measures to avoid spoilage. If these measures were not followed, the spoilage will result to added costs and lost profits to the business.

This is why the refrigerated transport company you choose should adhere to the following:

1. Precise temperature control

Along with fast delivery, precise temperature control is also important in maintaining the goods’ optimal condition. Too low the temperature and it might damage the goods. A bit higher and it might encourage microbial growth.

That’s why it’s recommended to choose a company that can assure precise temperature control. This way, you will be sure that even while on the way, your frozen foods and chilled goods are always in top condition.

Whether it’s a single carton delivery or an 8-pallet load, sensitive temperature control can ensure the quality and condition of your goods along the way.

2. Highly experienced and trained personnel

Handling chilled and frozen goods is different from transporting regular items. That’s why you need to choose highly experienced and trained personnel who specialise in handling and transporting frozen food.

Aside from the handling and transporting, the personnel should also perform proper maintenance on the refrigerated fleet. This helps ensure the 100% reliability of the fleet. As a result, you will gain peace of mind whenever you request for a refrigerated delivery service.

3. GPS tracking

The tracking and monitoring of vehicles also provide peace of mind to clients. Often, there are time-critical schedules. Tracking the vehicles and delivery through GPS tracking can help in making sure the schedules are being met.

This is critical in many businesses. They often encounter challenges about meeting demand with the supply. If the supply doesn’t arrive on time, this possibly means lost customers and lost profits for the business.

Transporting frozen food NSW

That’s why at COOLTRANS, we use GPS tracking to monitor our vehicles. Time is of the essence in delivering perishable goods, which is why we do tracking to meet time-critical schedules.

Contact us today and send us your enquiries. Our team will assist you with your refrigerated delivery requirements.