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December 16, 2015

What we do at COOLTRANS is a huge benefit to our customers. Our airfreight services ensure timely delivery of the products we are hired to carry throughout Australia. It is something that brings our clients back again and again. We’ve built a strong base of regular and loyal patrons, but it behooves us to maintain an exceptional experience. But what does it mean to give good customer service? How do we consistently do that? Here are just a few key points to keep in mind moving forward.

Listen and react in appropriate ways

The cargo we transport is fragile.  We are being entrusted with time sensitive items and need to pay attention to the special handling instructions that accompany them. Making sure we correctly capture and communicate those specific orders to the crew assigned to each job is our responsibility. Conversely, should a customer need to make changes to how the products are being transported or treated, we need to respond quickly and efficiently. Being swift and flexible inspires confidence. Simply put, it’s our job to accomplish the task to our client’s satisfaction. That is a key to offering exceptional service and can ensure we get repeat business.

Lead with our expertise

We have more than 40 years of experience in the transport industry. Our background is a definite plus to our patrons. This knowledge allows us to act as true partners in providing refrigerated airfreight services to our clientele. Each encounter can be made more worthwhile when we impart our expertise in unique ways. What we have to offer goes beyond merely shipping product. We have the capacity to act as effective consultants on the jobs we manage. There are suggestions we can offer while discussing cargo needs, because we clearly understand the inner workings of our industry. Being more hands-on in our approach to each individual order makes our customers feel special, which they are. The confidence we can inspire in others will boost our own and keep us growing as a company and individual stakeholders.

Above all, be true to yourself

We’re a business, but we are also a family in more ways than one. Creating an inclusive atmosphere for our clients provides a level of comfort that promotes loyalty and a positive experience for all. Author Alyssa Gregory has some great general tips for creating overall customer satisfaction. They’re worth remembering.