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Role of Temperature Control in the Wine Industry

February 8, 2021

Temperature fluctuations affect the wine’s quality and integrity. Further, it can affect the reputation of the winemaker, distributor and even the entire nation. It’s especially the case here in Australia where we export 750 million litres of wine each year. As one of the largest wine exporters, we have to be vigilant about the quality and integrity of our wines.

Role of temperature control in the wine industry

Aside from the strict requirements about manufacturing and labelling (including country of origin and allergens statement), industries and concerned government agencies also set standards and give helpful advice related to the wine industry. After all, it’s a vital part of the national economy where money comes in and several livelihoods depend.

For example, some organisations and government agencies continuously study the importance of proper and efficient refrigeration in wine making and storage. In wineries, refrigeration has a role in fermentation and juice clarification. In addition, refrigeration and temperature control affect precipitation as well as oxidative browning and volatilisation. In the cost side, refrigeration has high energy requirements, which is why there’s a clear incentive to make it all more efficient.

Temperature control plays a vital role in ensuring quality and integrity of wine products. Huge fluctuations can affect the taste, appearance and even the overall safety of the valuable goods. As a result, it’s important to ensure tight temperature control in every step of the production (in wineries) and distribution chain (in transport and storage).

It’s the same case with other products such as dairy, meat and seafood. Whether for the domestic or international markets, all these products must be under strict standards and requirements while still allowing for businesses to make a profit. This way, those businesses will continue to contribute to economic growth and sustainability.

Here at Cooltrans, we somehow contribute to that economic growth and business profitability by ensuring tight temperature control in all our deliveries. We keep up to date with the latest requirements on refrigeration and about the products we handle. For your refrigerated delivery requirements, you can contact us today.