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Manage your Refrigerated Freight through Internet Integration

September 19, 2016

There’s an old adage that, in business, whatever gets measured, gets managed. This is true in all areas of life, so why do so many businesses leave their deliveries up to chance? Why do companies not measure out their deliveries, know where they are, and plan accordingly? How many times have you personally been affected whenever a business tells you that they are waiting on a shipment before fulfilling your order? In this age, that excuse has no more validity. You can now plan and follow your refrigerated freight with clever internet integration.

What is Internet Integration?

This is the ability for you to track and plan your freight so that you always know exactly where it is in the country, the state, or the city. Follow along online to see where your delivery will be, what your current time of arrival is, the cost of your delivery and your future bookings. Everything is going online. It’s time your refrigerated deliveries did as well.

Why use Internet Integration for your Refrigerated Freight?

This service is a valued tool used by our customers. Here’s why we think you’ll find so valuable as well.

On-Time Orders

As many of our deliveries are time-sensitive, you can always know exactly when the truck will be coming in. No matter if you are receiving fresh flowers, meats, or other cold freight, we’ll get it there on time. You can follow along online to see how the delivery is going so you’re never left stuck waiting.

No Missed Deliveries

It’s the bane of every business, big or small, that a delivery truck is coming, and so life must be put on hold so you don’t miss the truck. Don’t let that happen again with our internet integration. You’ll know exactly when someone needs to be there to collect the time-sensitive delivery.

Order Booking and Delivery Planning

You can know in advance your delivery schedule when you use the online booking feature. You can get your business under control by knowing exactly when goods are coming in and going out. Planning your deliveries is a key part of getting on top of it all.

For a time-critical delivery anywhere in Sydney, contact COOLTRANS today. We’ll get it there on time, and you can track all your refrigerated freight online live to make sure you don’t miss it. Get on board with our internet integration system to better manage your business.