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Making Your Fruit Hamper Business Profitable All Year Long

January 14, 2020

We often think of gift baskets as seasonal because they’re only popular during year end and long holidays. This is bad news for business owners because the remaining months will be really lean.

Making your fruit hamper business profitable all year long

To get a bit more consistent sales rate for the rest of the year, it’s crucial to explore other markets and occasions. For example, who will benefit or feel delighted upon receiving a fruit basket? College students, young couples, new families, new homeowners and business owners and professionals belong to that group. They will surely appreciate a healthy and colourful gift.

But how do you make people to consider the fruit basket as the top gift? One way is to get specific about your offers. For instance, instead of “fruit baskets for everyone” you can make it “Fruit Baskets Perfect for New Homeowners.” You can do the same to different markets so that your message becomes specific. Your business (through your website or social media page) can also run Specials depending on the season (e.g. graduation time, start of summer or holidays).

The key here is reaching different groups of people and marketing all year long. It’s about identifying your customers and then making efforts to reach them. It’s similar to what multinational corporations do to further expand their business. They set up new product categories to cater to fresh markets. Aside from boosting their sales and customer numbers, this strategy also discourages competitors from coming in (the company gets entrenched in the new market).

Another way to make sure you get steady customers throughout the year is to make sure the quality of what’s going into the gift baskets. The fruits should look fresh and to make sure of that, the delivery and storage should be under ideal temperature and humidity conditions. A single mistake can ruin your reputation and make your business dry for the next few months. But if everything is in order, people will refer your business to their friends and colleagues. This could then result in securing sales every day and expanding your reach.