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Major Food Trends for Year 2022 and Beyond

December 16, 2021

Whether you run a food service business or more on the food production and handling side, it’s good to be aware of the current and emerging food trends. After all, times change and the customer’s taste is fickle. We want to stay ahead of those trends and perhaps take advantage of the coming changes.

Major food trends to watch out for

One trend that drives many other trends is the further rise of food delivery and takeaway service. This requires less onsite transactions which also means less human interaction (customers can just order online or do a self-checkout). Also, there would be more “dark kitchens” or “ghost kitchens” that are more about food preparation than food being served on the table. The pre-pandemic dining experience will still be here but expect the “ghost kitchens” and food delivery to get more of the market (one reason is that customers can do an “impulse buy” because customers can order anytime and view a wide selection online).

Food delivery also shifted the focus from an elegant food presentation on the plate and table into beautiful and presentable packaging. The customers should be delighted once they open the box and that even during delivery the contents should be held securely (e.g. toppings and other ingredients should be held in place during transport).

In addition, the food contents should also remain safe and delicious once the package arrives at the customer’s home or workplace. Spoilage is a risk here especially when delivery times take 30 minutes or more (and it’s unusually warm and humid outside). To minimise or eliminate the risk, all the ingredients should be fresh or the meal or snack itself was freshly prepared. Also, food handling should always be performed according to the highest hygiene standards.

One way to ensure food safety is to ensure proper handling from the sourcing of ingredients down to the customer receiving your food product. For example, the meat or dairy product should have been transported to your business in a tight temperature control setup. All the containers and the entire handling process should also follow the highest cleanliness standards to protect the products from contamination.

Here at Cooltrans, we take refrigerated transport seriously by ensuring tight temperature control and prompt delivery times. We also regularly inspect and maintain our fleet and refrigeration equipment to ensure smooth operations. This way, food businesses can better ensure the safety and quality of their products before these reach their customers.