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December 16, 2015

To conduct our business we need to know our business. This is more than simply understanding the inner workings of transporting refrigerated freight. We have also developed an expertise in addressing the specific and unique challenges of offering this service in Australia. When I write, “know our business,” I mean knowing who COOLTRANS, our company, is. Where have we been? Where do we want to go? What is our company motto? These are questions we need to all know the answers to in order to be the best we can be. It also gives us insight into what sets us apart from other similar organisations. Understanding who we are as a whole makes us stronger as individuals and allows us to represent our products and services more effectively.

Understanding ourselves makes us stronger

As a family owned and operated company, we have a unique investment in our clients and employees that goes beyond being service providers and employers. We take what we do seriously and the people with whom we work are important to our collective success. The first rule of any business is to know what you, specifically the company itself, are doing. While we have more than 40 years of transport management experience, what we do here is highly specialised in that field. We deal in the transportation of refrigerated and frozen perishable items, and, in doing so, we make a promise to deliver these on time and sufficiently chilled or frozen if required. It’s a mark of excellence about which we’re proud and it’s important that we understand that about ourselves. Here are some fun facts for you to think about.

Did you know…?

  • While we’ve been in the transport industry for several decades, we began focusing on refrigerated freight in 1997.
  • Our ground fleet numbers 15 and ranges in size from mini-vans to 6 pallet vehicles to allow us to accommodate a variety of jobs to suit our clients’ needs.
  • All of our vehicles are NSW food safe registered.
  • We offer same day, urgent delivery within Sydney.
  • Our service includes overnight, next day delivery to major cities throughout Australia via air.

Something to think about

This is not a test. Believe me. Knowing where we’ve been helps us understand where we are and how we can grow our business into the future.