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Importance of Sanitation in Food Transport Vehicles

January 12, 2021

Food transport vehicles can be a cause and source of contamination and spoilage. As a result, there should be high standards in cleanliness and sanitation when it comes to the delivery vehicles.

Importance of sanitation in food transport vehicles

Inside, the surfaces might have significant amounts of chemical and microbiological contaminants. Whether through direct physical contact or airborne, the contaminants might find their way on the surfaces of the packages or the food itself. That contamination can then compromise the integrity of the entire package.

It’s especially the case with food products that come through multiple vehicles and food handling processes. Each surface of contact and processing can introduce new contamination to the food products. We should also watch out for environmental contaminants such as dust and dirt, which might carry with them dangerous chemicals and microbes. Also, the prolonged contact and exposure (especially during long delivery times through land or sea) can further worsen the contamination and accelerate microbial growth and food spoilage.

As a result, each surface should be regularly cleaned and sanitised. It also helps to have partitions and compartments to prevent cross-contamination or further reduce the risks of ruining the entire delivery. In addition, the food products are often totally enclosed so that exposure and direct physical contact to contaminants becomes impossible in the first place.

It’s also crucial that the surfaces and parts of vehicles are easily cleaned and sanitised. Hard to reach spots can be thriving areas for microbes or where physical and chemical contaminants can accumulate. Also, those surfaces should be able to withstand repeated cleaning and disinfection. This way the cleaning won’t introduce new hard to reach spots and that the overall aesthetic and integrity of the vehicle interior will remain.

Here at Cooltrans, we’re always careful about how we maintain our transport vehicles for refrigerated deliveries. Our entire fleet regularly undergoes inspection and cleaning to help ensure food safety and integrity. We try to exceed the latest food safety standards and make sure the deliveries are done promptly.