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How to Profit from the Australian Food Industry Trends

May 13, 2019

Trends come and go due to evolving demographics and customer preferences especially in the food sector (but proper food handling, transport and storage will always be a priority no matter what). As a result, the landscape has been always changing and entrepreneurs are trying to profit from those changes (whether starting a new business or changing the menus to better cater to the market).

How to profit from the Australian food industry trends

On average we’re eating out two to three times a week and this has been going for the last 20 years. This spells a huge opportunity for enterprising people who want to capitalise on this trend. There’s a clear restaurant and cafe culture in Australia especially in commercial suburbs where speed and convenience are the priorities. Instead of cooking something at home it just seems faster and more convenient to order something from the restaurant.

Aside from regularly eating out, another trend is about diversity. More and more restaurants now prepare Asian and European cuisines to cater to different markets. Aside from the immigrants and people with varying cultural backgrounds, other people who were born and raised here have varying tastes as well. They want to try other meals for variety and experience. After all, in developed societies people see food as something beyond nourishment but also a source of pleasure and new experience.

Another clear trend is about the need for healthy food. We’re becoming more aware that what we eat is what we are indeed. We now regularly encounter words such as “organic” and grass-fed” and some entrepreneurs are fast to capitalise on that by preparing healthy foods and communicating to the customers what their restaurants and retail business offers. This trend has been going for a while now and it’s very likely that this will go on for decades to come. After all, we want to get the most out of life (prevent diseases, stay active for many years to come) and having a healthy diet is one key to that.

However, it’s more important to consume safe food than healthy food. That’s because a compromised food product (especially if it’s seafood, meat and dairy) can instantly send someone to the hospital because of food poisoning. On the other hand, eating a high-sugar food would only have an effect after years of consumption (e.g. no one gets diabetes just by eating a single cupcake). It’s still best to ensure food safety while you’re consuming healthy food but we have to keep in mind that compromised food can have an immediate effect.

Temperature levels play a huge role in maintaining food quality and safety, which is why the COOLTRANS team has been committed since 1997 in ensuring tight temperature control when it comes to refrigerated delivery. Contact us today whether it’s a single carton delivery, an 8-pallet load, a one-off consignment or a year’s contract.