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How to Make Sure the Wedding Cake Arrives in One Piece

June 12, 2019

All eyes will be on the wedding cake and it’s important that it looks perfect. There should be zero noticeable damages because after all, the cake reflects the couple and the entire event. Also, it’s important that the cake is safe to consume. It’s the start of a new life by the new couple and we hate to have it begin with a bad taste and health issue.

Make sure the wedding cake arrives in one piece

There are over a dozen things that could go wrong while the wedding cake is in transit. Physical impact and damage are the things to watch out for most. A ruined wedding cake immediately means a ruined wedding event. Allowing delivery professionals with proper training and adequate experience easily addresses that concern. Another thing to watch out for is the risk of contamination and spoilage. Aside from safe handling, it’s important to pay attention to proper storage and clean handling as well.

Temperature control is important both in storage and transport. Huge temperature fluctuations can actually affect the make of the cake and more importantly, the cake’s safety for consumption. Microbes multiply fast under favourable temperatures and if temperature was not controlled during transport and storage, expect other things that could have gone wrong. Often, one sign of improper handling is just the start of many other worse problems.

Although cakes are best served at room temperature, for most of the time the wedding cakes should be stored in a safe temperature range. This “safe zone” and ideal length of time of refrigerated storage may vary because of the different ingredients cakes have. For instance, cakes with little fat may dry out fast while inside the refrigerator (while those “high-fat” cakes can better withstand the cold). In addition, refrigeration is important for preserving the frosting (which is then vital for the cake’s appearance and “texture”). We also have to consider the fillings (e.g. custard, pudding) that might be sensitive to heat or higher temperatures outside the fridge.

Aside from refrigeration and temperature control, another important factor is time. Delays won’t just ruin the cake’s integrity, but also ruin the entire wedding because the cake is nowhere to be found. Professional refrigerated delivery services take emergency situations into account (e.g. rush hour, planning alternate routes in case roads close due to an accident, vehicle breaks down so there’s a need for a backup van). This way the wedding cake will still arrive at the venue on time (ideally at least 1.5 hours before guests arrive).

Couples should be able to better focus on the wedding and let the professionals handle the nitty-gritty of cake making and delivery. For the cake makers, their focus should be on ensuring an excellent creation (by taste and appearance). Here at COOLTRANS, our focus is on professional refrigerated delivery. Contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements about timely and professional refrigerated delivery.