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How Refrigerated Transport Can Save a Holiday Party

December 13, 2016

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the opportunity to celebrate with parties. Nothing beats a gathering of friends, family, and loved ones with all the fun the holidays bring, from sparkling lights and fancy outfits to delicious foods and special gifts.

But bringing together the perfect party can be a challenge. Especially if there are many temperature-sensitive parts of the party, such as food, the work to coordinate each part can be exhausting.

Thankfully, for a party, refrigerated transport eases some of these worries. Here’s how this type of delivery can save a holiday party.


Controlled Food Environment

If the food for the party is being delivered, chances are it requires a certain temperature. Instead of leaving this to chance, refrigerated transport can keep the food being served from spoiling early or absorbing scents from other storage locations. It’ll remain bacteria-free from creation to delivery, keeping guests safe and the host confident in the food they’ll serve.


Winter Decorations Kept Intact

Winter involves snow and ice, so holiday parties might involve a statement centerpiece, such as an ice sculpture. This will need to be kept chilled at a very low temperature until the last moment when it will be in the room under regular lighting. Ice sculptures can also be used to serve a themed beverage. Even smaller party decorations can even involve frozen elements, such as pine branches frozen in ice. Why not use refrigerated transport to achieve a true winter look for a party?


Less Stress = More Fun!

Finally, with a party, refrigerated transport leads to less stress. Many who choose to leave the temperature-controlled delivery to the experts report that they could enjoy their parties more since the timing and the success of the delivery were out of their hands. Instead, the hosts and organisers can get ready for the fun and enjoy the night right along with their guests instead of stressing over whether the decorations are melting or remaining intact.


Get started planning the perfect holiday party today! Contact COOLTRANS to start talking about how refrigerated transport can help celebrate the season in style.