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How Important Are Cold Chain Services

November 17, 2020

First, cold chain services allow for food and medical products to reach more destinations while maintaining the quality and safety of the goods. Countless lives have been already saved by this essential service and that it has introduced an abundance of possibilities to businesses and consumers.

How important are cold chain services

For example, in the delivery of meat and dairy products it is crucial that the delivery and storage is temperature controlled. If there’s no freezing or refrigeration, it’s impossible for those products to reach far areas. It might be extremely difficult or even impossible for milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese to reach businesses and most consumers. In addition, thousands of jobs and livelihoods might not have existed in the first place if there’s no refrigerated transport. Australia’s dairy industry (which is estimated to be worth around $4 billion) might be worth a lot less if cold chain services are absent or difficult.

We can also see the role of cold chain services in the medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Maintaining the cold chain for vaccines will be crucial for the reliable and safe delivery to both domestic and international locations. If the cold chain fails, it will cost lives or affect the economy because of prolonged business restrictions.

There are other important aspects in the life sciences and food industries. Production as well as research and development are also crucial to building and processing products and ensuring their integrity. However, failure to maintain tight temperature control can compromise that. Outside of the safe temperature range, the food will be spoiled and pharmaceuticals will become unsafe. That’s because microbial and enzymatic actions will be accelerated and affect the products’ integrity.

Here at COOLTRANS we’re strict about tight temperature control and refrigerated deliveries. We also pay close attention to the promptness of deliveries to better match supply with demand. This way, both businesses and everyday customers can always count on us. This is our way of providing some certainty and assurance during these uncertain times. Contact us today for your refrigerated transport requirements.