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How Food Businesses Can Gain a Competitive Advantage 

August 21, 2023

In general, there are two ways your food business can gain a competitive advantage. You have to work on these two things: 

  1. What customers see 
  2. What happens behind the scenes 

What customers see include your branding, packaging, storefront, website and advertisements. On the other hand, what happens behind the scenes includes your operations, including how you manage your supply and keep up with the customer demand. This can also include how you store and handle your food products (including their ingredients especially when it comes to meat and dairy). 

What happens behind the scenes is just as important 

Perception is not everything. It’s especially the case with food businesses where what happens behind the scenes can have a huge impact on their bottom line. For example, mishandling of food (which often results in contamination) can lead to food spoilage. This can harm your customers and your business’ reputation. 

To prevent that, it’s critical to follow the highest standards in food handling and hygiene. It’s also critical that the ingredients and other products you received are in good or acceptable condition in the first place. Mistakes and risks should have been prevented early on so that they won’t go downstream (and end up in your customers’ plate). 

One way to accomplish that is by ensuring proper food transport. It’s especially the case with potentially hazardous foods such as meat, seafood and dairy. They have to be transported and stored in certain temperature levels to prevent or slow down microbial growth (and prevent food spoilage as well). If this is done properly, the risks won’t be passed down the chain. 

Here at Cooltrans, we do refrigerated transport properly. We ensure tight temperature control throughout the transit times and adhere to timely deliveries. This helps reduce the risk of food spoilage, thereby better protecting your customers and your business. We’ve been specialising in refrigerated transport and cool freight since 1997 and over the years, we’ve helped businesses better protect their customers and prevent losses.