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How Air Freight Services Can Save You Time and Money

July 26, 2016

Your wedding day is approaching, and you want to decorate the venue with flowers.  The wedding venue is possibly hundreds of kilometres away, and you want the event to feature fresh flowers. While you can order flowers from a florist who’ll store them in the cold room to maintain their freshness, you may need refrigerated couriers to move the flowers to the wedding venue so they don’t wilt. And the ideal way to achieve this is by using air freight services.

Refrigerated transport, particularly the freight service, is becoming popular in Sydney because it helps many people to save time and money, but how?

Top 4 Ways Air Freight Services Saves You Time and Money

  1. Fastest Shipping Method

As Gov.UK puts it, when you need to move your perishable goods quickly, road transport or sea freight won’t help. Air freight is the ideal solution, as it eliminates delays and inconveniences that may ruin your cargo. So, whether you’re shipping flowers to a distant wedding venue or ice sculptures to a trade fair, you’ll have them in the required destinations on time.

  1. Reliable Departure and Arrival Times

Flights have highly reliable departure and arrival timings, as airlines do operate under strict schedules. So, even if you miss a flight, your perishable items won’t be jeopardised since flights depart every hour. Thus, other than your goods being refrigerated on transit so they arrive in pristine condition, you’ll save a lot of time in transporting them.

  1. Air Freight Services are Highly Secure

If you’re in business and want to transport flowers or any other perishable products for resale, you possibly know the importance of security in addition to using refrigerated transport in Sydney. The possibility of theft and damage to your cargo during transit can rob your inner peace, as no one wants to incur losses.

Well, as Dr. Brian Slack and Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue of Hofstra University explain, air freight services are highly secured with tightly managed airport safety controls. So, ideally, you won’t pay for extra security services, and you shouldn’t worry about the physical integrity of your cargo either.

  1. Less Packaging

Typically, air freight services don’t require heavy packing as opposed to ocean shipping, for example. Thus, you’ll save both money and time required to provide additional packing.

Refrigerated freight is quicker and that means no need to pay for warehousing facilities. Cargo inspection, cargo handling and customs clearance are efficient and fast.