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Happy Valentines Day and Easter From Cooltrans Refrigerated Couriers

February 17, 2021

Refrigerated couriers are in high demand right now. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and so is Easter. ‘Tis the season where truckloads of chocolates are shipped around the country from lover to lover, family to friends and friends to family. Department and grocery stores are stocking up already in anticipation of the so-called chocolate season and from the team at Cooltrans, we want to wish you all a very happy and fruitful season.

If your business needs to transport any chilled goods before or during the Valentine’s Day or Easter holidays, contact Cooltrans for a rapid solution to your refrigerated courier needs. We use refrigerated couriers to transport chilled goods all across Sydney. Our drivers have a thermostat in the cabin which displays temperature in the trunk at all times, meaning your goods are properly monitored during transit and will arrive safely with no disruption to your business.

Regardless of whether its roses, chocolates, a fruit hamper or something totally different, we have the capability to deliver chilled goods to wherever their destination lies this Valentine’s Day and Easter season. Our fleet of refrigerated couriers Sydney can travel anywhere in the wider metropolitan region to deliver chilled goods and produce. We also service Brisbane and Melbourne, so regardless of where you are on the East Coast we can handle it.

Our staff are completely trained to handle and manage chilled or frozen goods during transport. Our cold storage transportation services have been operating for over 10 years now. We are experts at managing supply chain logistics when it comes to delivery of frozen goods and produce. We maintain our fleet to an impeccable standard of cleanliness, meaning your goods will arrive in perfect condition. We are also rapid with all of deliveries so you won’t need to worry about delays in arrival.

Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking technology, so you can track your parcel from the minute it leaves the supplier all the way to your door. This enhanced delivery system is why we maintain such a good business rating on Google and why our customers trust us time and time again with their deliveries.

Here at Cooltrans, we are always careful about how we maintain our transport vehicles for refrigerated deliveries. Our entire fleet regularly undergoes inspection and cleaning to help ensure food safety and integrity. We try to exceed the latest food safety standards and make sure the deliveries are done promptly. Call us this Valentine’s Day or before the Easter holidays on 02 8765 0100.