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Food Safety Requirements for Home-Based Food Businesses 

July 24, 2023

Home-based food businesses in Australia must comply with standards about: 

For the latest requirements and standards, you should check the Food Standards Code and other legislations and local council regulations. 

Food safety practices and general requirements 

Practices and requirements include information about: 

  • Food receipt, storage, processing, display and packaging 
  • Food transportation, disposal and recall 
  • Skills and knowledge of food handlers and supervisors 

Food premises and equipment 

There are Australian requirements for the design and construction of the food premises as well as the proper choice and placement of fixtures, fittings, equipment and food transport vehicles. The general aim is to improve food safety by minimising opportunities for food contamination. For example, there should be a separate site for keeping raw foods (which are potentially hazardous) so that it won’t come in contact with cooked foods. Another example is maintaining good light and ventilation in the food preparation area as well as ensuring that refrigeration equipment can keep the desired temperature during transport and storage. 

Labelling and other information requirements 

If relevant or necessary, the labels should provide enough information about food identification, warning and advisory statements, statement of ingredients, directions for use and storage and nutritional and health claims. This will help consumers as well as the supermarkets and other food sellers regarding appropriate and safe food storage and consumption. 

Why high standards are necessary 

In home-based food businesses, even if the orders are of lower volume than those of restaurants, supermarkets and other establishments, the threat of contamination is still always there. As a result, it’s important to maintain high standards especially in food handling (including refrigerated transport). 

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