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Food Safety Hazards Every Food Business Should Be Aware Of

April 13, 2021

We should always protect our food from contamination and keep it hot or cold (depends on the food product). It’s especially the case with food businesses that service dozens or even hundreds of customers each day. A bit of contamination or total spoilage (due to huge temperature changes and exposure) can harm many and permanently ruin the reputation of the business.

Food safety hazards to watch out

Contamination can come from direct contact or exposure. This can happen through contact with contaminated surfaces or just exposure to the air (e.g. the food container or package wasn’t covered properly). The contamination could be chemical (e.g. cover and container might have harmful chemicals that could leach into the food) or biological (e.g. bacteria and viruses).

Another food safety hazard is about temperature control. If the food got too hot or too cold, this can affect the food’s appearance and taste. More importantly, this can also compromise the food’s quality and safety (e.g. food is exposed to too high temperatures during the long journey). It’s crucial that there’s tight temperature control inside the transport vehicle (as well as make sure it doesn’t get too hot nor too cold inside the food box, container or package).

Professional handling is also important to prevent contamination and physical damage to the goods. Mishandling can cause deformation and permanent ruin to the food products (e.g. chocolates and cakes which are soft and easily damaged). As a result, professional handling must be practiced in the entire supply chain (down to the final sets of hands that will place the food products on the grocery shelves).

There are always risks and hazards especially if it’s a long journey and there are several transfers and handling in the supply chain. The risk of contamination and spoilage is always present, which is why food businesses get cautious about whom to trust when it comes to their refrigerated delivery requirements.

Here at Cooltrans, we ensure tight temperature control and we strictly comply with all the standards and requirements. Our cold storage vehicles undergo regular maintenance to ensure a smooth journey every time and we do the necessary cleaning and disinfection (we always ensure health and safety). Contact us today for all your refrigerated, chilled or frozen delivery requirements.