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David Jones Contract Awarded to COOLTRANS

October 12, 2020

A contract with David Jones has been acquired recently by COOLTRANS. We will now be delivering shipments of chocolate to the Sydney chain store. As Sydney’s climate approaches its zenith during the public holiday season, it’s expected that consumption of chocolate will increase. Chocolate shipped by the truckload needs to be kept at a certain temperature, otherwise it becomes chalky on the surface and can melt easily. Cold Chain transport is now needed more than ever to ensure safe shipment of delicious holiday chocolate.

“It’s a small truck that can safely navigate the loading docks at David Jones”, says Chris, General Manager of COOLTRANS. COOLTRANS is equipped with a versatile fleet of vehicles that can fit the gap in a range of different sized loading docks, extremely small varieties included. It’s this and our exceptional customer service that have resulted in the signing of the new contract with one of Sydney’s largest retailers.

Chocolate needs to be stored at approximately 18 degrees celcius to avoid moulting or melting. Our trucks maintain a perfect even temperature throughout delivery of all chocolate products. We monitor trucks on the road, so any deviations in acceptable carriage temperature can be evaluated for potential risk. We have a 100% success rate delivering chocolate using this technology. Call us if you are ready to ship confectionary products this holiday season.

COOLTRANS has over a decade of tenure shipping cold freight in a compliant method. We have experience both in retail and in pharmaceutical transport logistics and can quote regulations to you if you need to know how cold your products must be kept. Our tenure in the business has also seen us adapt the most advanced data logging technology to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.

No matter how far chocolate needs to travel, we will get it there on time and in good condition. From Cadbury in Victoria to Arnotts in Queensland, we have a well established ground and air freight network across Australia to get any kind of chocolate imaginable to store shelves this Spring and Summer. 

Other fast moving consumer goods that require cold freight transport may also contact us at COOLTRANS to discuss cold produce shipment. We understand the large importance of refrigeration in the food sector and are compliant with all Food & Grocery Council cold chain regulations.

The size of our fleet means we are always looking for new clients. Contact us Monday to Friday between 6:00am to 5:00pm or 6:00am to 12:30pm on Saturday. Our friendly staff will be happy to take your order and answer any questions you may have when you call.