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Cold Chain Cool Transport and Seafood Storage Temperature

December 12, 2020

As Christmas approaches, many food suppliers will be looking for a contractor to handle their fresh seafood produce in the leadup to Christmas Day. Indeed, seafood sales are expected to see 750 tonnes of seafood sold at Sydney Fish Markets alone in the lead up to Christmas, according to the ABC. Prawns, oysters, clams and mussels are expected to be the products sold in the highest volume at this time. 

Millions of Sydneysiders rely on a temperature control transport service at this time of year to provide access to fresh seafood. These services are incredibly important and ensure that ocean produce remains fresh and ready for consumption after it has been stocked on shelves and bought by happy Christmas shoppers. Between the docks where it is unloaded, storage facilities and the supermarkets where it is bought and wrapped, seafood sometimes travels hundreds of kilometres.

If seafood is not kept at a precise temperature for the duration of its journey, it may go bad. This is expensive for retailers who have bought the produce expecting a full shipment of high quality goods, yet receive only a fraction of what they paid for. Temperature breaches are expensive and may seriously reduce the shelf life of raw seafood.

During transporting of fresh seafood, temperature should be kept between -1 and 5 degrees Celsius. Seafood starts to decay the minute it is killed, and the only way to ensure it’s in good condition prior to consumption is to use refrigerated freight services to store it at this temperature before it’s bought from retailers.

Frozen seafood should be kept at -25 degrees Celsius during transport to ensure the structural integrity of its contents. Anything over this temperature range and the produce will start to thaw and decay. Furthermore:

  • Raw or cooked seafood stored at 0 can last up to 12 days
  • Raw or cooked seafood stored at 4 can last up to six days
  • Raw or cooked seafood stored at 10 can last up to three days

COOLTRANS is officially open for business for the 2020 Christmas season! If you’re looking to transport any seafood within Australia, contact us for a refrigerated courier service that has been proven effective time and time again. 

Our couriers keep a close eye on the temperature of the goods we transport at all times. We also track each of our deliveries using high quality GPS technology. This ensures that your seafood handling is professional and that your shipment arrives on time, every time, without any hassles.

Here at COOLTRANS we’re strict about tight temperature control, cold storage and refrigerated deliveries. We also pay close attention to the timing of deliveries to precisely match supply with demand. This way, both businesses and everyday customers can always count on us. 

This is our way of providing some certainty and assurance during the Christmas season. Contact us today for any and all refrigerated transport requirements.