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Cakes and Weddings: Why Refrigerated Transport is Crucial

January 19, 2017

Weddings are joyful, fun, and important occasions. Because so much planning goes into making the day run smoothly, many precautions and considerations must be in place. Timing especially must be accounted for, as some tasks must be taken care of early during the day of the wedding.

A refrigerated transport cakes and weddings is a necessity when it comes to the cake. Getting the wedding cake to the venue is one major concern for couples, and ensuring the cake’s safety helps them have peace of mind on the day.


Ensuring Quality

First and foremost, a couple makes sure that their wedding cake reaches the venue in the best possible shape when they used refrigerated transport. It’s like purchasing insurance for the wedding cake; the chance it will arrive intact goes up exponentially when it is transported in ideal conditions and by experts in delicate materials.

A concern when transporting wedding cakes is also the health safety of the cake. For a wedding, refrigerated transport is a way to make sure the cake’s ingredients remain at a safe temperature. If it is not shelf-stable, the cake will need to be kept at a certain temperature at all times. Refrigerated transport allows a couple to not risk any damage to the cake from the bakery to the venue.

Cashing in on the Wedding Industry

With refrigerated transport, wedding planners (whether professionals or the couple themselves) can make the days they plan memorable. The wedding industry relies largely on positive and negative reviews on planners and the companies they’ve used, so providing reliable transport for delicate items can be the key to more business.

As they review their vendors and report ways in which refrigerated transport made their wedding days easier, planners can connect meaningfully with others in the wedding community and extend advice they’ve gleaned along the way.


Expanding to Parties and Gatherings

Because it isn’t limited to a wedding, refrigerated transport can benefit other gatherings and parties that involve cakes. When the cake is the centrepiece of the party, it’s crucial that it’s moved with care. Planners can guarantee that with refrigerated transport.


For a wedding, refrigerated transport is a no-brainer. Make sure your wedding cake arrives in pristine condition by contacting COOLTRANS!