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Additional Hygiene Measures in Food Transport and Delivery

May 13, 2020

Food transport and delivery is a sensitive and crucial business. Whether it’s the transport of meat and dairy products, seafood or chocolates, there will always be risks in the harvest, processing, packaging, transport, delivery, storage and consumption.

Hygiene measures in food transport and delivery

The risks are especially greater now because of coronaviruses. Because of these new risks and threats, additional hygiene and sanitation measures are now in place. Although before, most of the potential hazards are already being mapped out in food preparation and handling, additional measures are required now because of new information that came in about COVID-19 transmission.

For example, drivers and other staff should now be supplied with alcohol-based sanitisers. It’s also crucial that they don’t leave their vehicles during delivery (minimise physical contact and further reinforce physical distancing). In addition, the use of disposable containers and packaging is highly recommended (to prevent returns and potential contamination). If reusable containers are being used, we should apply strict sanitation and hygiene practices.

Aside from preventing contamination and minimising contact, another crucial dimension in food transport and delivery is tight temperature control. Potentially hazardous foods should be kept within an ideal temperature range (usually 5℃ or colder and 60℃ or hotter) during transport. That tight temperature control is especially important in long journeys. And before the journey, the vehicle and containers should all be clean. Established refrigerated transport companies even pay attention to what food products should be collected last and which to unload first.

Here at COOLTRANS, we pay attention to all that plus other hygiene and sanitation measures. We map out all the possible risks and hazards. In addition, we carefully plan the journey and make it as short or as fast as possible. Contact us today if you require more information for your refrigerated delivery requirements.