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About Storage and Transport of Chocolate Products

March 16, 2021

Both low and high temperatures (along with high humidity levels) affect the appearance and flavour of chocolate products. As a result, it’s important to maintain tight temperature control during storage and transport. This way, the chocolates (including chocolate-coated products) will arrive and add pleasure in special moments and occasions (including Easter).

About storage and transport of chocolate products

Ideally, these products should be transported within 12 to 14 ℃ (but still depends on the manufacturers’ instructions and product type). Humidity levels should also be controlled to prevent sugar and fat blooms (these make the appearance and flavour a bit unpleasant). Also, it might be ideal to avoid mixed load conditions (mixing of odour and flavour can happen here as well as significantly changing the storage and transport conditions).

Mixed loads can also cause cross contamination and heat transfer (especially if it’s cramped and full or the packages are stacked on top of one another). Although the temperature inside the refrigerated container and vehicle is within 12 to 14 ℃, it doesn’t mean automatically that each individual box and product is truly within that range. In other words, the actual storage and transport environment still matters a lot aside from the indicated and maintained temperature.

What about delivery times? Traffic conditions, service speed, frequent stops and inspections and other factors affect how long before the products arrive at the supermarkets, retail stores and specialty shops. In most cases, the delivery times should be as short as possible or that the deliveries are being tracked real time. This is to immediately send a backup vehicle in case the original vehicle malfunctioned or other problems occurred.

Storage and transport requires a detailed approach because we should pay attention to the conditions, quality control and time. It’s also a sensitive business because contamination can happen and that fat and sugar blooms are always a threat (this affects the quality of the chocolates as well as the reputation of the manufacturers, distributors, sellers and everyone in the supply chain).

For such high levels of sensitivity and detail, businesses choose us here at Cooltrans for their refrigerated transport requirements. Whether it’s the chocolate season, a public holiday or just an ordinary weekday, we’re always busy delivering truckloads of both essential and flavourful goods for businesses. Contact us today if you want to ensure timely delivery with tight temperature control.