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4 Reasons Why You Need a Refrigerated Courier for Your Next Event

June 7, 2016

Event planning revolves around many different factors that, put together, create a dream occasion that you deliver for your clients. The best way to make sure that all goes according to plan is to obtain the services of a refrigerated courier to bring the necessary cold items from the vendor to the event venue. Learn which items you’ll need to refrigerate in transit, so you can plan on using this service for every event you plan.

  1. Never let fresh flowers wilt again. At the flower shop, fresh cut flower arrangements are stored in a cold room until ready for transport. Using a refrigerated courier for this transport ensures that the arrangements stay fresh. When the flowers leave the cold room conditions, it’s only a matter of time before they wilt. Refrigeration in transit means they can go from cold room to cold transport to refrigeration at the venue. They’ll be perfect when needed and throughout the event. This will also prepare the flowers to be preserved after the event.
  1. Keep ice sculptures, chocolate decorations, and other food art fresh and intact. People at all kinds of events are mesmerized by sculptures of ice, art made of fruit, or dessert trays with sugar and chocolate confections of beauty. These effects are diminished, though, when the food can’t make it to the venue intact. Refrigeration in transit is an easy fix.
  1. Use a refrigerated courier to stagger food arrivals. Small or outdoor venues don’t often have the capacity to store all food that needs refrigeration for the entire event. Refrigeration during transit allows for staggered food arrivals or extra storage until there is room in the refrigeration unit at the venue. This works especially well at outdoor venues.
  1. Keep food from spoiling during a long journey. Some events have food shipped from far away because the best artisans and items are nowhere nearby. A refrigerated courier ensures that the food and items requiring refrigeration do not spoil while in transit. Many foods require maintaining specific temperatures in order to stay fresh. Refrigeration in transit makes that possible.

Fast and Reliable Refrigerated Courier Service

Even when refrigeration is available in transit, it’s still important to have fast and reliable service in order to keep your clients happy and your professional reputation strong. COOLTRANS offers service for every kind of refrigerated transport in Sydney, including air freight services. Find out today how we can make your next event run more smoothly than any other.

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