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3 Unusual Packages to Send Through Refrigerated Transport

November 20, 2016

When it comes to mailing unusual items, many senders take the usual precautions. They wrap their items in lots of bubble wrap and other material to combat damage, but often the temperature of the package’s surroundings isn’t considered.

Furthermore, it is a variable that can’t be controlled. When a package is sent, the sender can’t know how long it’ll be cool or warm, which makes it difficult to prepare a package to send.

There are several types of materials sent through the mail that refrigerated transport assists. When many come across these unusual packages, they turn to climate-controlled mail for peace of mind.

  1. Souvenirs
    When traveling to unique areas of the world, travellers often bring home fresh souvenirs. Beyond the usual T-shirt, souvenirs can include interesting food from the area, such as fresh fish or a unique cheese. People like to take advantage of items they cannot get anywhere else, but bringing it home can be an issue, due to the items being perishable, unable to survive a long drive or flight.

But when refrigerated transport is used, travellers can send along their fresh goods, to arrive at their doorstep when they return home. They can rest assured their souvenirs will survive the trip home, ready to be used.

2. Christmas Cookies (and more!)

How many times have baked goods been sent through the mail, only to arrive with melted chocolate covering the box? The holidays are a perfect time to consider refrigerated transport.

Cooling down the shipments being sent to loved ones not only prevents melting, it also preserves the life of the baked goods. By staying cool, bacteria can’t form, and the gift will last longer.

3. Pharmaceuticals and Other Medical Equipment

Many people have unique medical needs that involve sending pharmaceuticals or medical equipment through the mail. Often, these must be climate controlled. Instead of having to go to a hospital or doctor’s office for each need, many turn to sending their medical supplies through refrigerated transport.

This way, medical needs can be attended to from the comfort of the home, when a doctor’s oversight isn’t necessary. People can also remain confident that their supplies will not be tampered with or ruined on their journey.

Once many discover refrigerated transport, the possibilities for better mailing experiences become endless. Contact COOLTRANS today to discuss how this unique shipping method could fit your needs!