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3 Things That Could Go Wrong with Cakes

July 15, 2019

The cake is one of the highlights of events especially in weddings. One mistake and it can instantly ruin the event’s vibe and perhaps linger in the memory for the rest of your life. This is bad if you’re the celebrant and worse if you’re the business in charge of the cake.

Just like the wedding itself, it’s crucial to be mindful of all the details that go into making and transporting the cake. A single physical damage might be impossible to fix and yes, there’s no backup cake around. We just have to make sure that the only cake we have will be perfect especially during the event which is why we have to watch out for a few things.

3 things that could go wrong with cakes

First thing is about spoilage. The cake can still look perfect on the outside but wait until someone takes a bite. It’s still a perishable item after all no matter how perfect it looks and how tempting it is to devour on it.

Cakes go bad because of contamination and microbial growth. The cakes are packed with protein, fat and sugar and surely bacteria and moulds will have a feast given the chance. Moisture and warm temperatures can accelerate microbial growth which is why it’s important to observe tight temperature control and proper handling and packaging. Exposure to air and moisture is bad as well as exposing or storing the cake in less than ideal temperatures. Aside from consumption safety, good temperature control and proper handling can also help preserve the cake’s texture and taste.

Second thing is about physical damage. Cakes are fragile (especially those that are stacked high and topped to the brim) which is why extra care is required. Every step of the way should be calculated and one misstep can cost the whole cake. This applies not just when the staff is carrying the cake but how the cake moves while in transit (inside a delivery vehicle). A professional delivery service should take care of it because they specialise in this kind of job. With a 5-tier cake and a guest list of around 200, you should never go wrong with the delivery.

Aside from spoilage and physical damage, another thing that could go wrong is that the cake doesn’t arrive at all (or it’s a bit late to the event causing unnecessary stress to the couple). In weddings, everything should be predictable and taken cared of so that the couple can better focus on the celebration. The bride will really start to worry if she hears that the ceremony is about to start and yet the cake is nowhere to be found. The stress and anxiety builds up as the moment approaches, which is why the cake should be the least of the bride’s worries.

Here at COOLTRANS we understand the stress (we don’t want it ourselves either). We ensure promptness and tight temperature control in our refrigerated delivery service. We’ve been doing this since 1997 so rest assured everything will be taken cared of. Contact us today and let’s discuss your cake delivery requirements.