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2 Ways That COOLTRANS Is Great for Small Businesses

June 7, 2016

Are you a small business owner? Do you sell perishable goods such as food, produce, bakery items, fresh flower arrangements, or other types of speciality goods that require proper temperature regulation? If so, COOLTRANS is one of the best couriers for refrigerated transport in Sydney. We can deliver your goods in the right temperature-controlled environment so they stay fresh and your customers stay satisfied.

We’ll Handle the Hassle of Refrigerated Transport

We understand that transporting temperature-sensitive, perishable goods is tricky or impossible for small businesses to do on their own. It requires special vehicles outfitted with the right equipment, inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Luckily, COOLTRANS is a refrigerated courier with a fleet of food-safe vehicles that undergo regular inspections. We additionally offer Internet tracking of all deliveries via GPS. Check where the vehicle with your goods is located and maintain your peace of mind about your valued cargo.

We Can Help You Reach More Customers

Would your customers benefit from the convenience of same-day delivery throughout the city? Providing a reliable service like this can in turn lead to an increase in sales. As Greg Brown of notes, growth of this kind is dependent on the right refrigerated transport service. Not only will COOLTRANS keep your goods safe, we also offer urgent and time-sensitive deliveries. Those four dozen cupcakes with meringue frosting will get to the wedding – without melting. The order of freshly-caught shrimp will stay fresh. That made-to-order fruit basket will arrive at the customer’s door just as it was when it left your shop. If offering delivery of your delicate goods makes sense, COOLTRANS is ready to help.

COOLTRANS Is Your Cool Solution

Small businesses can count on us to take care of the pains of transporting and delivering perishable goods. We can help you grow your customer base and expand your reach, whether you want to deliver to locations within the city or need next-day delivery to another capital city. We are ready to be your refrigerated transport company; contact us for a quote!